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Molecular Imaging


M. Lauterbach | Molecular Imaging



Jan A. Knobloch, Gilles Laurent, Marcel A. Lauterbach

STED microscopy reveals dendrite-specificity of spines in turtle cortex. Progress in Neurobiology, 231:102541, 2023. doi



Angelina Staudt, Olga Ratai, Aicha Bouzouina, Claudia Fecher-Trost, Ahmed Shaaban, Hawraa Bzeih, Alexander Horn, Ali H. Shaib, Margarete Klose, Veit Flockerzi, Marcel A. Lauterbach, Jens Rettig and Ute Becherer

April 2022  doi


Shweta Suiwal, Mayur Dembla, Karin Schwarz, Rashmi Katiyar, Martin Jung, Yvonne Carius, Stephan Maxeiner, Marcel A Lauterbach, C Roy D Lancaster, Frank Schmitz

Ciliary Proteins Repurposed by the Synaptic Ribbon: Trafficking Myristoylated Proteins at Rod Photoreceptor Synapses, The International Journal of Neuroscience, 27;23(13):7135, June 2020. doi



Chitirala, P., Ravichandran, K., Schirra, C., Chang, HF., Krause, E., Kazmaier, U., Lauterbach, M. A., Rettig, J.

Role of V-ATPase a3-Subunit in Mouse CTL Function. The Journal of Immunology, 



Hirose, T., Cabrera-Socorro, A., Chitayat, D., Lemonnier, T., Féraud, O., Cifuentes-Diaz, C., Gervasi, N., Mombereau, C., Ghosh, T., Stoica, L., d'Arc Al Bacha, J., Yamada, H., Lauterbach, M. A., Guillon, M., Kaneko, K., Norris, J. W., Siriwardena, K., Blaser, S., Teillon, J., Mendoza-Londono, R., Russeau, M., Hadoux, J., Ito, S., Corvol, P., Matheus, M. G., Holden, K. R., Takei, K., Emiliani, V., Bennaceur-Griscelli, A., Schwartz, C. E., Nguyen, G., and Groszer, M.

ATP6AP2 variant impairs CNS development and neuronal survival to cause fulminant neurodegeneration. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 129(5), April 2019. doi


Rangaraju, V.,  Lauterbach,  M.   A.,  and Schuman, E. M.   

Spatially stable mitochondrial compartments fuel local translation during plasticity. Cell, 176(1–2):73, Jan 2019. doi



Reiter, S., Hu¨lsdunk, P., Woo, T., Lauterbach,  M.  A., Eberle, J. S., Akay, L. A., Longo, A., Meier-Credo, J., Kretschmer, F., Langer, J. D., Kaschube, M., and Laurent, G.

Elucidating the control and development of skin patterning in cuttlefish.  Nature, 562(7727):361–366, Oct 2018. doi


Richter, K. N., Revelo, N. H., Seitz, K. J., Helm, M. S., Sarkar, D., Saleeb, R. S., D’Este, E., Eberle, J., Wagner, E., Vogl, C., Lazaro, D. F., Richter, F., Coy-Vergara, J., Coceano, G., Boyden, E. S., Duncan, R. R., Hell, S. W., Lauterbach,  M.  A.,  Lehnart, S. E., Moser, T., Outeiro, T., Rehling, P., Schwappach, B., Testa, I., Zapiec, B., and Rizzoli, S. O.

Glyoxal as an alternative fixative to formaldehyde in immunostaining and super-resolution microscopy. The EMBO Journal, 37(1):139–159, 2018. doi  url



Lauterbach,  M.  A., Guillon, M., Desnos, C., Khamsing, D., Jaffal, Z., Darchen, F., and Emil- iani, V.  

Superresolving dendritic spine morphology with STED microscopy under holographic photostimulation. Neurophotonics, 3(4):041806, 2016. url doi



Lauterbach*, M.  A., Ronzitti*, E., Sternberg, J. R., Wyart, C., and Emiliani, V.

Fast calcium imaging with optical sectioning via HiLo microscopy. Plos One, 10(12):e0143681, December 2015.  doi

* contributed equally.


Li, D., H´erault, K., Zylbersztejn, K., Lauterbach,  M.  A., Guillon, M., Oheim, M., and Rop- ert, N.

Astrocyte VAMP3 vesicles undergo Ca2+-independent cycling and modulate glutamate transporter trafficking. Journal of Physiology, 593(13):2807–2832, July 2015. doi



Guillon, M. and Lauterbach,  M.  A.  

Quantitative confocal spiral phase contrast. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 31(6):1215–1225, 2014. doi


Lauterbach,  M.  and Eggeling, C. Foundations of STED microscopy. In Fornasiero, E. F. and Rizzoli, S. O., editors,

Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques in the Neurosciences, volume 86 of Springer Protocols: Neuromethods,  pages 41–71. Humana Press, New York, 2014.



Lauterbach,  M.  A., Guillon, M., Soltani, A., and Emiliani, V.

STED microscope with spiral phase contrast. Scientific Reports, 3:2050, 2013. doi


Wilk, C. M., Schildberg, F. A., Lauterbach,  M.  A., Cadeddu, R.-P., Fr¨obel, J., Westphal, V., Tolba,  R. H.,  Hell, S. W.,  Czibere, A.,  Bruns, I.,  and Haas, R.   

The tissue inhibitor  of metalloproteinases-1 improves  migration and adhesion of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Experimental Hematology, 41(9):823–831.e2, 2013.  doi



Wagner*, E.,  Lauterbach*,  M.   A.,  Kohl,  T.,  Westphal, V.,  Williams,  G. S. B.,  Stein- brecher, J. H., Streich, J.-H., Korff, B., Tuan, H.-T. M., Hagen, B., Luther, S., Hasenfuss, G., Parlitz, U., Jafri, M. S., Hell, S. W., Lederer, W. J., and Lehnart, S. E.  

Stimulated emission depletion live-cell super-resolution imaging shows proliferative remodeling of t-tubule membrane structures after myocardial infarction. Circulation Research, 111(4):402–414, 2012. * contributed equally.  url  doi


Lauterbach,  M.  A.,  Guillon, M.,  and Emiliani,  V.   Imagerie STED  en milieu biologique.

In Mottin,  S. and Ramaz, F., editors, Biophotonique G´en´erale – Optique & Imageries pour le Diagnostic dans les Sciences du Vivant et en M´edecine,  Int´egration des savoirs  et des savoir- faire, pages 131–133. Publications Mission Ressources et Comp´etences Technologiques, Meudon, France, 2012.


Lauterbach,  M. A.  

Finding, defining and breaking the diffraction barrier in microscopy – a historical perspective. Optical Nanoscopy, 1(1):8, 2012. doi  url



Wurm, C. A.,  Neumann, D., Lauterbach,  M.  A.,  Harke, B., Egner, A., Hell, S. W.,  and Jakobs, S.

Nanoscale distribution of mitochondrial import receptor Tom20 is adjusted to cellular conditions and exhibits an inner-cellular gradient.   Proceedings  of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(33):13546–13551, 2011.  doi



Hsu, C., Morohashi, Y., Yoshimura, S.-i., Manrique-Hoyos, N., Jung, S., Lauterbach,  M.  A., Bakhti, M., Grønborg, M., M¨obius, W., Rhee, J., Barr, F. A., and Simons, M.  

Regulation of exosome secretion by Rab35 and its GTPase-activating proteins TBC1D10A–C. Journal of Cell Biology, 189(2):223–232, April  2010. doi


Hoopmann, P., Punge*, A., Barysch*, S. V., Westphal, V., Bu¨ckers, J., Opazo, F., Bethani, I., Lauterbach,  M.  A.,  Hell, S. W., and Rizzoli, S. O.  

Endosomal sorting of readily releasable synaptic vesicles. Proceedings  of the National Academy of Sciences  of the United States of America, 107(44):19055–19060, 2010. * contributed equally. doi


Kamin*,  D., Lauterbach*, M.  A.,  Westphal,  V., Keller, J., Sch¨onle,  A., Hell, S. W., and Rizzoli, S. O.

High- and low-mobility stages in the synaptic vesicle cycle. Biophysical Journal, 99:675–684, 2010. * contributed equally. doi


Lauterbach,  M.  A.,  Keller, J., Sch¨onle,  A., Kamin, D., Westphal, V., Rizzoli, S. O., and Hell, S. W.

Comparing video-rate STED nanoscopy and confocal microscopy of living neurons. Journal of Biophotonics, 3(7):417–424, 2010. Highlighted on the journal cover. doi


Lauterbach,  M.  A., Ullal, C. K., Westphal, V., and Hell, S. W.

Dynamic imaging of colloidal- crystal nanostructurs at 200 frames per second. Langmuir, 26(18):14400–14404, 2010. High- lighted on the journal cover of the March 2011 issue. doi



Lauterbach,   M.   A.    

Fast STED Microscopy.   PhD  thesis, Georg-August-Universit¨at  zu Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany, 2009.



[17] Westphal*, V., Rizzoli*, S. O., Lauterbach, M. A., Kamin, D., Jahn, R., and Hell, S. W.

Video- rate far-field optical nanoscopy dissects synaptic vesicle movement. Science, 320(5873):246–249,  * contributed equally.  doi



Westphal*, V., Lauterbach*, M.  A., Di Nicola, A., and Hell, S. W.

Dynamic far-field fluorescence nanoscopy.  New Journal of Physics, 9:435, 2007. * contributed equally. doi



Lauterbach, M. A., Ruckel, M., and Denk, W.

Light-efficient, quantum-limited interferometric wavefront estimation by virtual mode sensing. Optics Express, 14(9):3700–3714, 2006. doi





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